3ds Max

Autodesk, Inc. (Shareware)

3ds Max is a 3D computer graphics application for game developers, as well as visual effects and motion graphics artists. The program consists of animating, modeling, and rendering tools. The 3D modeling utility has a wide range of modeling and texture mapping tools that make creating objects quicker. This, together with the CAT (Character Animation Toolkit), provides excellent rigging and animation. Rendering creations is faster, too, with unlimited batch mental ray rendering technology.

One of the main features of the program is Character Studio. Character Studio is an animating aid. Animators can use a skeleton with customizable settings to achieve a character’s needs. Another feature is the Scene Explorer, a tool that analyzes scenes for a better visual representation. In addition to these, 3ds Max comes integrated with a Cloth Solver. The Cloth Solver is capable of simulating objects into clothing.

Other key features of 3ds Max are the following:
• Render pass system and Photoshop interoperability
• Nitrous viewport performance and quality
• Customizable workspaces
• DirectConnect support
• Interoperability with AutoCAD and Revit

MAXScript is the built-in scripting language used in the 3ds Max application. It can be used for automatically doing repetitive tasks, as well as developing tools, combining functionality, and many more.