3DO ArmyMen2

3DO (Proprietary)

3DO ArmyMen2 is the second installment in the Army Men series of games, which is based on the different conflicts encountered by four major types of plastic army men. These four groups are distinguished by their color, namely Blue, Tan, Gray, and Green. There are other army groups (Orange, Red, and Black) that contribute to the story though they are not major players.

In this game, the enemies range from zombies, cockroaches, suicide bombers, and even cult members. The battlefields also vary, and would depend on whether they are in the “Big World” of humans or in the “Plastic World” from which the army soldiers come. The soldiers switch between worlds through a portal.

In this game, players assume the role of Sarge, who is in command of the Green Army. He must stop the insane Dr. Madd, a Gray scientist who was working for the Tan Army. Madd has been creating zombies and cult forces. Players must also destroy the factory in which the zombies were made, and fight the other scientists responsible for the atrocities. His ultimate goal is to defeat Major Mylar of the Tan Army.

Players advance through the different levels by accomplishing missions, such as winning a tank fight, preventing enemies from escaping into the plastic world, and finding portals.