Futuremark Corporation (Shareware)

3DMark05 is the fifth generation of Futuremark’s 3DMark benchmark tool series. It was initially released on September 29, 2004. It is the second 3DMark program that is based on DirectX 9.0 video card. As such, it requires DirectX 9.0c to work. The program is used for measuring the DirectX 9.0c performance of 3D hardware. Graphic tests must also have the minimum requirement of Shader Model 2.0.

3DMark05 offers three game tests – Canyon Flight, Return to Proxycon, and Firefly Forest. It also offers five features tests, which are used for measuring specific elements of the graphics performance (i.e. texture filter quality tests, image quality check, fixed frame rate, and others). Aside from this, the program can also be used to perform CPU (single processor or multiprocessor) tests. However, results on the CPU tests are not included in the final 3DMark score. The generated final score is a geometric mean that equally weighs the game tests. The program is also capable of performing batch size tests.

The program is available in three editions – Basic, Professional, and Business. Basic Edition is free while the other two are paid versions. The Basic Edition is capable of performing the three game tests and CPU tests. It also provides access to basic Online ResultBrowser, which is used for comparing results with others. The Professional and Business Editions offer all the features available in the Basic Edition. However, it also provides users with the ability to control the configuration of the benchmark display. It also offers feature tests that aren’t available in the Basic Edition. The Professional Edition has an added image quality tests.