3DMark 11 11

Futuremark Corporation (Shareware)

3DMark is a computer benchmarking utility that evaluates the performance of a computer’s graphic card and CPU workload. It can be used for other popular devices as well, such as smartphones and tablets.  Gamers comprise most of the application’s users.

With its DirectX 11 benchmarking abilities, the application makes use of advanced graphics technologies.  It also performs well with DirectX 10 and 9 hardware. It evaluates and grades a computer’s graphics card with a score, and the higher the score the better, since high scores indicate good system performance.
System scores can also be compared through various platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android. 3DMark 11’s interface,  as well as the three tests it applies to a computer system are engaging  and enjoyable to use because of the brilliant graphics that go with them.  First Strike, the first test and the most technical among the three tests, is best used for high end and supercharged computers.  Cloud Gate, the second test is more applicable to conventional home computers and notebooks.  It consists of one physical test and two graphical ones. The third and last test is Ice Storm that is made for a more varied range of devices such as tablets and smartphones.