3Dconnexion Collage 1.0.10

3Dconnexion (Shareware)

3DConnexion Collage is a simple application which allows users to create a collage of their pictures in high resolution. A collage is a form of visual art where the piece is created as an assembly or collection of different forms, creating a new image in the process. With the use of their 3D mouse, users will be able to move and manipulate their favorite pictures. A 3D mouse is a highly specialized hardware which works in the way like the user is actually holding the object on their hands. They can pan, zoom or rotate the object using the controller cap which the users can gently rotate, push, pull, tilt, or twist. They can even control the pressure by which they hold the controller cap so as to make delicate adjustments to an object or design.

With 3DConnexion Collage, users can add, remove and save pictures as well as set their application settings and commands, picture resolution and background color. Using the application is also simple and straightforward. Users will just need to download the 3Dxsoftware and 3DxCollage. Once ready, they can install by double-clicking on the file, similar to almost all installation process. With this, the user is ready to use the program together with a 3D mouse.