3D Starstrike 1

Realtime Games (Freeware)

3D Starstrike is a classic arcade game in the shoot-em-up genre. In this game, players take control of a space craft. The goal of the game is to save the planet from being destroyed by enemy aliens by defeating enemies. Players must go on a journey to penetrate their enemies’ defenses. The game is divided into four levels that increase in difficulty. Players control their space craft using the mouse and shoot lasers by clicking the mouse buttons.

The story goes that planet Earth’s fleets and defenses have all been devastated, and the Federation will soon collapse. This makes the Earth vulnerable to the enemy forces, called Outsiders, who intend to destroy the planet and all of its inhabitants. As a final, desperate move, the Federation Command decides to attack the Outsiders’ control centers. The enemy bases are located within hollowed-out moons. The only way to destroy the main base is through a direct hit on its reactor systems, constructed at the center of the moon.

Destroying the base proves to be a challenge because the only way to access the chamber where the reactor is located is through two cooling ports within the equatorial duct of the base. Before players get there, they would first have to go through the base’s space and ground defenses.