3D Solar System 3.9

H. Tingsstrom (Freeware)

3D Solar System 3.9 is a rolling advanced solar system screensaver that features all eight planets of the solar system plus the dwarf planet Pluto. This nature-style graphical animation can be accessed directly from the manager. This screensaver comes with background music as well to complete the mystifying experience of seeing moons and planets in outer space.

The 3D Solar System 3.9 clearly shows a stunning visual representation of the planets (and some of the biggest moons) in orbit around the sun. The camera allows for closer viewing of the planets and moons. A manual select option is available with the following parameters: Zoom, Orbit speed, and Angle of view.

This is an educational and entertaining utility that requires a minimum of 32 mb video memory to run. 3D Solar System 3.9 is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 9x and Windows 2000. The computer system’s capabilities and configuration will directly influence the performance of this utility

3D Solar System 3.9 is a screensaver that may be configured by the user. The video mode allows for adjustment of screen resolution. The sound volume may be controlled and the user can even disable the music. Graphics can be controlled as well in terms of detail (default option available). This screensaver was created by by Astro Gemini Software.