3D Software Object Modeller

Creative Dimension Software Ltd (Shareware)

3D Software Object Modeller or 3DSOM is a tool that gives the user the capability to exhibit real-life objects as 3D images. This is s program intended for the use of professionals who require a 3D based imaging program. This state-of-the-art solution works fast. It is relatively affordable, and it only requires still photos taken from a regular camera.

3D Software Object Modeller requires about 20 images taken by a camera from different angles of the object to be rendered. It is recommended that a tripod be used so that the photos are clear and blur-free. With these at hand the 3D rendering of the object is produced by the program with effects that encompass thickness, texture, and depth.

3D Software Object Modeller was developed by Creative Dimension Software Ltd. It takes only a few steps to create 3D images. Once the photos are ready, the images need to undergo masking. Afterwards, a wireframe model has to be generated and then the finished model has to be exported to 3DS, Flash, BAC, Java, and WRL formats among others.

3D Software Object Modeller requires that the object be arranged on a calibration map which has the primary function of determining what angle each still image is taken. This tool also fixes image issues related to lighting. The program supports the following formats: BMP, PPM, JPEG, and PNG.