3D Six-Pack

Pixelan Software LLC (Shareware)

3D Six-Pack is a plug-in program that consists of 3-dimensional transitions that can be used with different kinds of editing applications. It is compatible with professional software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and Sony Vegas Pro. The program has over 250 transitions for editors to use. These transitions are divided into six categories:

• PageFX – PageFX transitions are those that are mostly used for anniversary, wedding, birthday, and graduation videos. These transitions are similar to pages turning. There are different styles to choose from including peels, twists, and rolls. There are 60 PageFX transitions in the application.
• BurstFX – This category consists of transitions that burst into smaller pieces, revealing the next video or image in the process. It makes use of realistic movements of the particles for a professional look. There are 30 of these transitions included in the application.
• EnergyFX – Movements of gravity, the wind, and other natural occurrences inspire EnergyFX transitions. 30 kinds of these transitions can be used.
• Particles – Particles transitions appear like droplets or swirls of beads. There are 51 of this type of transition included in the application.
• DepthFX – This category features distorted, spinning, and twisting transitions. There are 41 DepthFX transitions in the application.
• ExtraFX – Users can find miscellaneous transitions under this category.