3D Ripper DX 1.8.2

Roman Lut (Freeware)

3D Ripper DX is a graphics tool that enables users to capture different three-dimensional objects and scenes within a video game that makes use of 3D graphics and animations. The captured images may be exported to 3D programs such as Maya and 3DS Max for users who would like to creation additional elements and modifications for games or to simply study and analyze 3D game design. This tool has the ability to capture the game’s locations, shaders, geometry, 3D objects, and textures. With this application, users can see what is drawn, the renderstate, vertex, and textures of each draw call.

To capture a 3D scene, users launch the application and select the game’s executable file using the file browser of 3D Ripper DX. Users can also set up capture parameters such as what hotkey to press for capturing scenes and the output folders of captured scenes. Users can then press the “Launch” button. The application will display a “Ready to capture” message at the upper left corner of the application’s interface. Users can then play the game or move in the game environment to locate the part or object they would like to capture. When the location is reached, users can press their specified hotkey in order to capture the 3D scene. During the capturing process, 3D Ripper DX will momentarily freeze the game. When done, users can launch their preferred 3D program to import the captured scenes.