3D RealityMaps Viewer

3D RealityMaps GmbH (Proprietary)

3D RealityMaps Viewer is a useful utility for outdoor navigation and vacation planning. The photorealistic 3D maps are highly interactive and may be viewed using mobile platforms. The 3D models are very informative and comprehensive. For instance, the buildings and other infrastructure such as railroads and road are rendered in a very realistic manner. Aerial images are presented such that the littlest details are still recognizable.

3D RealityMaps Viewer features photorealistic visualization with a quality that surpasses the presentations offered by similar applications. This application uses the latest in digital technology in order to give users detailed 3D models of urban centers and other locations for a full virtual exploration. The resolution is many times higher than the usual maps that are viewed online. This program also offers users with an easy to use navigation tool that new users can learn quickly.

3D RealityMaps Viewer is developed by 3D RealityMaps GmbH. The maps provide not only stunning clarity but also a wealth of details. Ski slopes and lifts, as well as hiking trails are shown. Cycling and jogging tracks are also presented for those who want to know exactly what the terrain has to offer. In addition, users have access to video clips of available services and accommodations in the vicinity. These are available per category and the names and icons of the establishments are also provided.