3D Rad 6.38

Fernando Zanini (Freeware)

3D Rad is a development utility that is handy for creating 3D applications and games. The application consists of a several objects that can be combined in order to make a program interactive. It supports a wide variety of texture formats including TGA, PNG, DDS, JPG, and BMP. A number of scenarios can be created with the help of the objects and tools included in the application. Users can easily access these tools from the left side of the main window. Some of the objects and events that can be used are g-force, camchase, timers, and many more.

Other main features of the 3D Rad program are the following:

• Effects – The program comes with effects that can be useful for different scenarios including bump mapping, reflections, glows, and refractions. Users can also control fog, light points, smoke, lens flares, and animated water by combining different objects.
• Background Music and Sounds – Users can also use audio files in the OGG or WAV format in order to add sound effects or background music to 3D scenarios created with the application.
• Add-ons – 3D Rad also supports add-ons, which can be imported to the application for added functionality. These add-ons can also be exported to other programs and shared with other users of the application.