3D Rad Compiler

3D (Proprietary)

3D Rad Compiler is a game utility developed by 3D Rad allowing users to make standalone versions of 3DR projects. 3DR projects are 3D games developed using the 3D Rad program. The 3D Rad Compiler allows users to generate standalone games that can then be played in a regular Windows PC. This is possible without having the full 3D Rad program installed in the system. The program features support for several modes including windowed, maximized, and full screen.

3D Rad Compiler features several functions. Users can add projects to the compiler using a dedicated button. The interface features a project list on the left bar where users can specify the program entry point. Users may also remove projects from the list using another dedicated button. The program allows users to edit the project name for compilation before initiating the compiling process.  The window modes can be set using check boxes corresponding to Full screen, Maximized, or Windowed. Users may likewise customize the graphical icon to be used for launching the project.  Supported file formats include ICO and JPG files. For JPG files, the image size should be bigger than 1024 x 768. Users may also customize the loading icon to be an image sequence instead of just one image. The program likewise supports several video card setups, adapting to the specifications and limits of the graphics card.