3D Movie Maker

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

3D Movie Maker is a program that enables users to place three-dimensional characters in pre-rendered backgrounds. In addition, users may also add sound effects, speech, text, special effects, and actions. The created 3D movies may be saved and shared with family and friends, or uploaded online. The movies are saved in 3D file formats with the extensions .3mm and .vmm. This application is primarily developed for children. To guide users through the program’s functions and features, the program makes use of two helper characters, named McZee and Melanie. McZee helps users whenever they are in the “studio.” Melanie, his assistant, gives users different kinds of tutorials on the program’s functions.

This application is built on the 3D graphics engine called BRender. The application comes with pre-made scenes as well as 3D models that are ready to use. The program comes in two variants: a Japanese expansion pack featuring characters from the manga and anime series Doraemon, and a Nickelodeon variant, which features 11 scenes and 12 actors from the Nickelodeon cartoons Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Ren & Stimpy, and Rocko’s Modern Life.

3D Movie Maker comes with 40 actors and actresses. Each character has its own sets of costumes, props, and actions. There are 12 scenes as well as several voice and music clips. Users may also use their own MIDI and WAV files as speech and sound effects. The application has been discontinued.