3D Live Snooker

Etiumsoft (Shareware)

3D Live Snooker is an addictive past time that simulates the real life game of snooker with the use of the virtual environment of a personal computer. The main highlights of this application are the realistic 3D sound effects and highly advanced full three-dimensional gaming environment.

Another top feature of 3D Live Snooker is that it presents computer gamers a virtual snooker environment that offers them real-world physics. The developers of the game designed the ball to respond to the player and roll like real world snooker balls. The game can serve as a practice environment for snooker enthusiasts who want to get ahead and develop their skill in the game. 3D Live Snooker is a challenging fun 3D game that suits snooker fans of all ages and all skill levels.

The game supports both full snooker and short snooker games. Players are allowed to position the cue shot at different locations, much like in the real world. Moreover, the shot can be placed such that different spins are produced on the cue ball. The game is available in single player and multiplayer modes. A group of friends can engage in a fun match, or players can choose to challenge remote players from anywhere in the world when an Internet connection is available. This 3D snooker game may be downloaded for free from the Internet.