3D Live Pool 2.70

Top Pop Games (Shareware)

3D Live Pool is a pool simulation game developed and published by Top Pop Games on January 2009. This game features a full 3D simulation of a billiards table complete with all the requirements for a game of pool. It has full 3D sound. 3D Live Pool gameplay is controlled by mouse clicks and mouse hold and drags. This game supports several other games including 3-Ball, 9-Ball, 15-Ball, Rotation, Straight, and BlackJack games. This game is available for single player and multiplayer, as well as online and offline play.

3D Live Pool’s gameplay relies heavily on mouse control. Users may adjust the table perspective as well as the position of the cue using mouse controls. Users may control the direction and the spin of the cue ball when hit. The force by which the cue ball hits the target may even be controlled by the speed of the mouse. Single player mode requires the player to play against the computer. However, users can also play against another player by turns. There are 5 difficulty levels that users may choose from. This game is also available for online network play for multiple players. However, to host a network multiplayer game, the user must have the full version and not just the trial version. The interface features hints and directions displayed on the bottom left.