AMS Software (Shareware)

3D Frames is an image editor from AMS Software, a company based in Russia. Users can create customized three-dimensional frames for photos, which can be printed or digitally rendered. Upon registration of the program, users can access one hundred default templates of frames, free updates on all versions, and customer support from AMS Software via e-mail. It is also compatible with .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png, and .tiff images.

Upon loading any photo onto the workspace, users have the option to create, edit, and manipulate photo frames using the following program features:
• Available special effects such as shadows, light patches, and illumination
• Option to alter the color balance
• Option to adjust brightness and color contrast
• Option to manipulate the color of the background through the color scale tool
• Option to modify the size of the frame

When the default templates and frames are used, the program does not change the original proportions of a loaded photo on screen. However, 3D Frames also allows users to work with other external editing programs while editing photos at the same time. Lastly, once the photos and frames are finished, users can then export and save them on the computer or send it directly to the printer.