3D Fish School 3

Gelios Software (Shareware)

3D Fish School 3 is a computer screensaver program. The backgrounds are animated underwater scenes. The main featured objects are schools of fish, numbering up to 100 individual creatures. The screensavers are rendered with advanced special effects to give it a realistic feel and offers computer users who are under a lot of stress a soothing backdrop of fish quietly swimming amidst the bubbles. The underwater screensaver makes every computer or TV monitor more attractive and dynamic. The full version of the program offers additional options on top of the offers presented in the trial version.

3D Fish School 3 trial version offers computer users with two options, which are a freshwater environment and a marine environment. Both the freshwater virtual aquarium and the bottom of the sea feature realistic underwater sounds such as bubbling, gurgling, and wave sounds. The sounds may be turned off, if the user prefers this setting. The lighting level may be adjusted as well.

3D Fish School 3 allows users to change certain parameters, including the quantity of bubbles, the number of fish swimming, and multi-monitor function is supported as well. The interface is friendly, easily navigable, and simple to use. There is a trial version available to users who want to explore the features of the application prior to purchase.