3D Chess Unlimited Shareware

TLK Games (Shareware)

3D Chess Unlimited is a computer game in which players can play the classic strategy game of chess in 3D. Players can play against another player over an IP network connection or against the computer artificial intelligence. This game is designed using a new chess engine that responds quickly and renders a pleasing gaming environment with realistic effects. This game can be played by chess players of all skill levels.

Beginners will have no trouble learning how to play the game. The game’s difficulty settings may be easily adjusted to correspond to the player’s skill or challenge players to go against a better opponent. The game provides players with a chess clock and the ability to check their ELO level. With these features, players will be able to keep track of their performance and they can also analyze their game when it is finished.

The game has a Save feature that enables players to save the game to be continued at a later time. Players can also save a completed game for review. There is also a replay feature allowing players to view the moves that have been done in a chess match. Players can opt to enable or disable music and sound effects while playing the game.