3D Canvas 8

Amabilis Software (Freeware)

3D Canvas 8 (formerly known as 3D Crafter) is a 3D animation and modeling tool that integrates an easy drag-and-drop feature to 3D modeling. Users can create complex models using simple 3D primitives, or image elements. The program has shape-building and modeling tools that can be used to virtually sculpt, deform, and paint shapes in 3D.

Users can create an animated scene by simply positioning the 3D shapes in each point in the animation using the timeline. The application will make sure that each element moves from one point to the next in a smooth movement, resulting in a well-crafted animation. The animation can be viewed in real time and recorded as a video file so it can be easily distributed and viewed on desktop and portable media players.

The tool roll-up lets users customize the 3D Canvas interface to show only the items or commands that are most frequently used. Users may still be able to access the other commands and tools. The software comes with tools to do auto-mirroring, consolidating, and cloning images. 3D artists will also be able to create realistic landscapes using the program’s terrain-building tools. Users may download models, scripts, textures, plug-ins, and product updates.