3D Backgammon 1.0

TLK Games (Shareware)

3D backgammon is a casual game developed by Terminal Studios. It is an enhanced version of the classic board game called Backgammon. In Backgammon, players move pieces according to the roll of dice. Each player’s objective is to remove their own pieces (called checkers) completely in the board before the opposing player does. While it takes a short time to completely remove one’s own pieces in the board, Backgammon is often played in matches, like tennis. The player who wins more matches wins the game. The game incorporates a combination of strategy and luck, since the player cannot control what number will appear in the dice.

3D Backgammon allows the players to play the game in 3D. While playing it on the computer, the players have a 3-dimensional view of the board. They can rotate the board. This allows them to even look at the board from their opponent’s point of view. Players can also set the level of difficulty of a computer-controlled opponent. This allows the user to set his desired level of challenge that the game can bring. There Is an option to undo a move and rollback to the previous one. Games can also be replayed to allow players to watch or study their game.