3CXPhone 6

3CX Ltd (Freeware)

3CXPhone System is a software-based IP PBX that replaces the standard hardware PBX/PABX system. The program was created for Microsoft Windows using the SIP standard that allows the user the use of any type of SIP phone, either hardware or software. As free VOIP/SIP phone for Windows, The 3CXphone’s interface is similar to popular smartphones, and works with popular VOIP providers and SIP PBX systems (with 3CX, Asterisk, and many others). The program installs across any network. The 3CXPhone System installs online through a website.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Support for using the phone through a computer network
• Use Skype Connect, VoIP service providers, and SIP trunks
• Support for desktop calls and management of extensions
• Support for remote extension

The program supports secure RTP and SIP, including support of 80 BLF. It has a local audio recording (mono-WAV or stereo MP3), as well as a local video recording capable of making video snapshots. It features account data, company phonebook, BLF provisioning and PnP auto-provisioning. With five call lines, it can handle an almost unlimited number of simultaneous active accounts. It can monitor remote PBX installations through 3CX Assistant as well as execute automatic remote installation and configuration of 3CXPhone and 3CX Assistant.