360desktop Pty. Ltd. (Shareware)

360desktop is a utility developed by 360desktop Pty. Ltd. It’s main function is to transform a standard Windows desktop into a panoramic 360-degree virtual environment. Aside from the improved view, this program also provides users with more desktop space, make use of widgets, and share feautured interactive wallpapers.

360desktop users can enjoy easy access to video content, updated data, images, files, and other work essentials while enjoying a panoramic view. This program provides users with dynamic information at their fingertips.

360desktop by 360desktop Pty. Ltd. features numerous themes and offers users a huge selection of designs to choose from. This utility provides options that are entertaining and fun, but also offers choices that will appeal to those who prefer a more serious or somber design.

360desktop allows users to go from one application to another seamlessly. It is possible to go from one window to another without any delay. 360desktop also facilitates the following functions:
• Clipping images found online to the desktop
• Grabbing widgets and web pages
• Grabbing videos, games, and RSS feeds
The featured slider is unobtrusive and facilitates easy scrolling.

360desktop is a freeware intended for Windows users who want a more organized virtual workspace on their computer stations.