360 Amigo System Speedup

360 Amigo (Shareware)

360 Amigo System Speedup is an application used for getting rid of errors in the system. It is capable of removing unnecessary files, junk files, and system registry errors in order to optimize the computer. Additionally, it can clean out Internet activities by removing saved passwords, cookies, browsing history, and links that lead to nowhere.

The program’s interface is divided into four sections:

• Home – The home tab displays a summary of the system information including the computer name, operating system, and memory. The scan button (FIND ERRORS) can also be found there. There also a statistics box that displays the number of errors found to date, number of errors fixed to date, and the total number of scans performed using the application.
• System Cleaner – Under System Cleaner, users can see check boxes beside each of the components that can be cleaned. These are Browser Activity, Windows, and Shortcut Link. A sub-category allows users to clean registry errors and third party applications. There is also a ‘Run Scanner’ button at the bottom of the window.
• System Optimizer – The System Optimizer tab is divided into four sections – NetState, Startup Manager, Process Manager, and Service Manager. This is where users can view the different processes that are running on the system.
• Tools – The Tools section has three categories – Drivers, Uninstaller, and System Information. The Drivers section displays a list of all the drivers installed in the system. The Uninstaller is where users can uninstall applications from the computer. The System Information tab provides more details regarding the components of the system.