2Tware Mount Disk Image

2Tware (Proprietary)

2Tware Mount Disk Image is a program that allows for the creation of virtual disk drives. This kind fo technology gives users a lot of space to store their files and folders, ensuring that they are secure and protected from exposure to harmful applications. Because it is easy use, only a few mouse clicks are required to complete the job.

2Tware Mount Disk Image is easy to use because the user interface offers users with a main window where all the operations are conducted. In the creation of a virtual drive, the user can opt for a removable drive or a fixed drive. Users can also specify the size of the virtual drive. All these operations are within the scope of the “Create Disk” button. The main window is the place where newly-created files are loaded. The drives are listed and displayed along with relevant information. If the user chooses to assign the disk as a removable device then this section will be visible in Windows Explorer.

2Tware Mount Disk Image by 2Tware is also capable of creating physical disks. There are many possible choices in terms of disc environments. Ordinary discs can be made, as well as large disk partition, NTFS file system and fat file system formats. Aside from Raw Disk format, this program also supports .DD, *VFLAT, *.DSK, and IMG formats.