2nd Speech Center 4.2

Zero2000 Software (Shareware)

2nd Speech Center is an application used for converting any form of text into spoken words. It can also convert texts into hearable audio, which are saved in MP3 format. This way, users can listen to a number of text files, like documents, website pages, and emails. This feature does away with the need to read the text on the computer screen. When the text is converted to MP3, it can be saved on the computer and then played on a selected audio program, like Windows Media Player. Also, converting the file into MP3 lets the user transfer the file and play it on portable MP3 players and other multimedia gadgets.

There are a number of default voices on 2nd Speech Center, which can all be used to read the text. There are male, female, and robot voices the user can choose from. These voices can read texts in more than eleven languages. To use the program, the user simply needs to copy the text to be read and paste it on the program's interface. The program proceeds to read the text when the user clicks on the "Speak" button.

2nd Speech Center also has an alarm clock utility. It can announce something—the time or a friendly reminder—on a specific time set by the user.