2K Sports NBA 2K12

2K Sports (Proprietary)

2K Sports NBA 2K12 is a basketball-themed video game released by 2K Sports in October 2011. It was released on multiple platforms—game consoles like Xbox 360 and Wii, personal computers like Microsoft Windows systems, and handheld devices like iPad and iPhone. 2K Sports NBA 2K12 was released with three different covers featuring popular basketball legends Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson.

2K Sports NBA 2K12 gameplay features four game modes—NBA’s Greatest, My Player, Creating a Legend, and Association mode. In NBA’s Greatest, players will be able to control basketball legends like
The three cover athletes during modern-day basketball matches. The 15 Basketball Legends are:
• Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
• Larry Bird
• Wilt Chamberlain
• Julius Erving
• Patrick Ewing
• Magic Johnson
• Michael Jordan
• Karl Malone
• Hakeem Olajuwon
• Scottie Pippen
• Oscar Robertson
• Bill Russell
• John Stockton
• Isiah Thomas
• Jerry West

2K Sports NBA 2K12 My Player Mode allows players to participate in the drafts and get through their careers by playing on key games. They need not play on the season’s every game. Creating a Legend mode allows players to control an NBA player until he has finished his career. Chosen NBA players may not conduct press conferences during this time. Association mode allows the player to act as General Manager and create a team of 30 players. Player can control the roster of players and even the staff. He may also sign free agents and trade players with another team.