2K Sports MLB 2K9

2K Sports (Proprietary)

MLB 2K9 is the abbreviated name for Major League Baseball 2KP, a baseball sports game released in 2009. In this game, gamers play as a team or as their desired players in baseball tournaments or exhibition matches. Some new features are added into this version of the game. There are now only two steps when pitching: holding and gesturing. It eliminated the third step, which is called "release timing". There are no more mistake pitches. Instead, those bad pitches are just rendered less effective. The computer-controlled opponents have also been modified. This time, their pitches are faster, and will always be based on the computer difficulty. There is also the ability to do the "quick throw". This can make the ball reach the nearest base faster, but with a big margin for error.

Some other important features of the game are the following:

• Specific Animations - The game has a library of animations specific to each of the players.
• Franchise Mode - This allows the player to be in charge of a team for a number of years and build a dynasty.
• Inside Edge - Gives every player in the game time to react to certain situations as they would react when they are on a real playing field.