2K Sports Major League Baseball 2K12

2K Sports (Proprietary)

2K Sports Major League Baseball 2K12, or simply MLB 2K12, is a professional baseball video game by Visual Concepts. It was initially released on March 6, 2012. The game is the last installment in the MLB game series.

The game features a new game mode called LB Today Season Mode. In this mode, players get the chance to play the real MLB season as it turns out. Players can choose their favorite team, which can be played for the entire six-month season. MLB 2K12 also introduces the Dynamic Tendency System, which allows the game to learn the player’s tendencies. This challenges the player to mix and combine different tactics throughout the game. Another improvement made to this game is in the My Player Mode, in which it adds the All-new player types. This feature provides users the ability to choose the path towards the Majors. Other enhancements made for this mode are customizable expectations, goals, progression, and ratings.

Other improvements and new additions made for the game include:

• Throw Meter – The game improved its throwing system that provides a risk vs. reward scenario each time the player plays the game.
• Enhanced AI System – For offline games, the player can now play with a more improved AI system.
• Hit Distribution System – The game offers more realistic and varied hits with its enhanced hit distribution system
• Commentary Changes – MLB 2K12 features new commentary of more than 80 hours featuring Steve Phillips, John Kruk, and Gary Thorne.