24im Messenger 1.00

24im LLC (Freeware)

24im Messenger is an instant messaging client that enables users to chat and share files with other users. It is designed for use in an office or organizational setting where team or organization members collaborate on projects on a daily basis. With this application, companies or organizations can share files such as documents, images, and screenshots, as well as start text conferences, to improve productivity and speed up data flow and exchange, even if the team members are working remotely.

This application lets users create workgroups so they can share files and discuss projects with only specific project team members. An internal mail feature enables users to send messages to colleagues directly from the application without having to run a separate email service.

All of the company or team members are automatically connected to one another through the public directory, allowing users to immediately communicate with others without having to add contacts individually and setting up a buddy list.

This application also features server logging in a variety of levels, so that it can fit into the organization’s auditing policy. Administrators are given control over introducing new users and creating new rooms for members. 24im Messenger also has a remote capture feature that lets users share their screens with other members of their workgroup.