2015's MOH PC

2015 Inc (Proprietary)

2015's MOH PC stands for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOH: AA). It is a game that was released first in the year 2002. The developer of this 1st person shooter computer video game is 2015, Inc. MOH:AA is the first game of the series that is designed for Microsoft Windows systems, but it is the third in the Medal of Honor installment.

This is a highly-acclaimed game that consistently receives high ratings. Players of 2015's MOH PC assume the character of Lt. Mike Powell. This soldier is from the 1st Ranger Battalion who was recruited by the OSS. The game offers players a total of 20 levels. The Omaha beach landing level is one of the favorites of gamers.

This game is an award winning shooter that has been recognized for its sound design. Medal of Honor is also the recipient of the 2002 PC Action Game of the Year award.

2015's MOH PC features real-life World War II campaigns and set from 1942-1945. Players get to experience key battles in the Second World War including the Arzew assault, the D-Day landings at Normandy, and the taking of the bridge at Remagen. The courage that it took real soldiers to survive through the Second World War will be experienced first hand by 2015's MOH PC players.