20 Days To Find Amy

FreeGamePick (Freeware)

FreeGamePick, a provider of digital games in different categories including action, racing, shooting, cards, and more, offers a game that promises hours of gaming pleasure. Primarily a hidden-objects challenge, 20 Days to Find Amy also features many mini-games that have been embedded in the game’s overall story.

It starts off with the players having to meet their friend. Unfortunately, she fails to arrive at the designated place of rendezvous, and the plot gives gamers the task of finding her in a span of 20 days. To succeed, they must go to certain places. They must then find all the objects on a given list. With the game’s detailed graphics – and with all the mess lying about – finding items can be a real challenge. This becomes even trickier with the timer continuously ticking and counting down.

Players need to find all objects in order to move to the next level, and is the only way to unlock the mystery that surrounds their friend’s failure to arrive. Controls are simple, with only the use of the mouse to click on the hidden objects they find.
20 Days to Find Amy has three game modes. It takes players to 22 locations, a number of missions, and a lot of mini-games.