2 Fast Driver 1

My Play City (Shareware)

2 Fast Driver is a racing video game where players can compete with other racers in different settings. Users get to drive different types of cars throughout challenging game levels. The game screen is simple. There is a small map on the lower left part of the window that shows the player’s route. There are also small dots that represent the player’s locations, as well as the location of other racers so users can see whether they are in the lead or falling far behind. The lower right side of the main window displays how fast the car is going.

The game features different creative routes that take place in various locations including the city or by snow-capped mountains. Races also take place day and night to add more challenge and variety to the gameplay.

Here are the other features of the 2 Fast Driver game:

• Comes with a dynamic soundtrack that makes the game more interesting to play
• Has realistic effects and sounds for a better gameplay experience
• Players have the option to choose from a wide variety of car models
• Comes with several game levels for hours of gameplay
• Comes with a variety of sceneries where the player can race