2 + 2 Math for Kids 2.1a (Freeware)

2 + 2 Math for Kids is an educational program that teaches children different types of math skills. It is geared towards students who are learning basic mathematical skills. The application can be used at home, in school, or other learning environments. Lessons are given in a way that will keep the child interested in learning. There are colorful graphics and narration, too. The program consists of 21 different exercises that cover several math topics, such as basic addition and subtraction, and counting. There are also multiplication and division lessons for older kids. Aside from answering activities on the computer, some of the lessons can be printed out as study guides for the children.

Some of the activities included in 2 + 2 Math for Kids are the following:

• Addition and subtraction using domino pieces
• Find the equation for the given answer
• Counting practice through a maze
• Count the number of objects on the screen

A lector reads out all the lessons to the children. There is a default voice included in the application, but users are free to download more voices from the official website. There are seven other lector voices that can be downloaded.