AgileBits (Shareware)

1Password is an identity and password manager program used for managing online IDs, passwords and other personal/confidential information. One of its features is its ability to fill out and save website logins automatically on supported browsers. It also works directly with web browsers. Instead of storing important information manually, the application was designed to allow users store and access private information with a few clicks. The program also includes the Strong Password Generator tool, which is used for creating undecipherable passwords.

All information stored in the program is encrypted with the use of AES. It utilizes 128-bit keys for encrypting information. All details gathered by 1Password is stored locally. It doesn’t require an Internet connection when storing private details. The application also provides the Wallet Vault, which offers a safe location for storing sensitive details. There’s also the Secure Notes tool for storing information that cannot be categorized as either a Wallet or Login item. This tool works like a plain text editor with the added security benefits.

All items stored in 1Password are organized and stored on their respective vaults. These means that items such as Secure Notes, Logins, Software Licenses and others have their own separate vaults in the program. It is also possible to organize these items further by creating folders within each vault. Aside from storing sensitive information, this application also provides different means of accessing the stored items using 1Password applications for different devices and the 1PasswordAnywhere.