LG Software Innovations (Shareware)

1Click DVD Copy Pro is a program that enables users to easily copy their DVD’s content into their hard drive. This program can also be used to copy files from the user’s computer to a blank DVD. In copying DVD content to the computer, users get to choose a destination folder where the data shall be copied. Aside from copying DVDs, 1Click DVD Copy Pro also has features that allow users to preview DVD movies including its extra content and menus. Users can also select individual audio, video, and subtitle streams as well as the amount of video compression used. In terms of audio-video quality,

1Click DVD Copy Pro supports the following:

• Dolby Digital 5.1
• Multi-Channel Audio
• Dual Layer Media

1Click DVD Copy Pro uses CPRx error-correction technology to ensure successful copying of DVD data into the user’s computer. CPRx is a unique system used to copy DVDs, which may contain bad sectors or a bad DVD structure. This feature allows users to make copies of their DVDs without suffering errors or corrupted DVD data. 1Click DVD Copy Pro’s main window is divided into three parts. First is the configuration panel on the upper left, which allows users to select a source and destination folder, select a language add-on, and select a copy preset for the DVD. Second part is the preview section on the upper right where the user may preview and scan the DVD movie. And the last part is the DVD content director on the bottom where users may select individual DVD files to copy and set the video compression. The start button on the bottom center starts the copy process.