LG Software Innovation (Shareware)

1Click DVD Copy is a DVD copy/backup utility developed by LG Software Innovation. It is used for copying and backing up DVDs and DVD movies to various supported video files. The copied files can be played on various devices such as Apple devices, Asus devices, Microsoft Windows, PSP, Zune, Xbox, and more.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It is a small dialog box that looks like a DVD disk. To use the program, it only requires users to insert the DVD disk then click the start button to begin copying the files. Although the program’s interface is small, it provides different configuration options available for users. These options can be accessed through the Options button. The Options window can be used to configure the audio, source, destination, and working folder of the copying program.

1Click DVD Copy can also be configured to include DVD Extras such as special features and director cuts. Users can also copy a specific episode in the DVD. Including all available audio languages on the copied DVD is possible as well. This can be enabled from the All Languages option. Aside from this, the application also offers configuration options for the DTS audio, movie menus, and dual layer. The DTS audio option can be used to include the DTS audio when copying. Enabling the Movie Menus allow the program to copy movie menus ONLY while the Dual Layer option allows users to copy then burn dual layer disks. The program also includes a built-in DVD burner allowing users to burn the copied DVD directly from the program.