1C:Enterprise - File Workshop

1C (Freeware)

1C:Enterprise - File Workshop is a file processing software developed by 1C and released on November 2009. This program is specially designed to view and edit 1C:Enterprise format files. This program supports several text file formats including text documents, spreadsheets and HTML documents. It also provides support to graphical schema files and geographical schema files with file extensions GRS and GEO, respectively. Other file formats recognized are TXT, MXL and HTML. This program also features command line support.

1C:Enterprise - File Workshop makes it possible to view and edit files in much the same way if the system has the 1C:Enterprise platform installed. This program also features a Print functionality. This program also has an integrated calculator and calendar utility. 1C:Enterprise - File Workshop also features a file comparison mode. This enables users to compare two or more balance reports or files visually.

1C:Enterprise - File Workshop features a simple grey user interface. There is no menu bar or tool bar. However, the top bar shows the common shortcuts, tools, and options. The top bar also shows the file name and folder path of the current files selected or opened for preview or editing. It is a standalone program capable of running on any computer even without previously installing the 1C:Enterprise platform.