Martin Pesch (Freeware)

1by1 is an audio program that enables users to listen to audio files in various formats. It is a simple application that can easily handle the user’s audio file collection straight from a directory and does not require the creation of databases or playlists. This audio player has support for OGG, WAV, MP3, and CD audio files. Users can simply drag and drop the audio files they want to listen to onto the player’s main window and the application will do the rest.

This audio player has the following features:
• A familiar and easy-to-navigate interface patterned after Windows Explorer
• Full resume feature that remembers the last played track and playing position so users can resume listening after taking a break or when restarting the computer
• Stereo enhancer and audio dynamics so users can customize the audio output
• Directory searcher that enables users to simply select a folder or directory and the player will then locate all of the audio files contained within for playback
• Plug-in, cue sheet, and playlist support so users can add functionality as well as their favorite content to the player

Users can activate an audio equalizer from the player’s enhancer section, found in the audio settings menu. The equalizer comes with presets and users can also add their own.