1701 A.D.

Related Designs Software GmbH (Proprietary)

Anno 1701 or 1701 A.D. is an RLS or real time strategy game developed by Related Designs Software and released on October 2006. The game is the 4th installment in the Anno game series. The game combines elements of city building, and real time strategy. The goal of the game is to build an 18th century colony and maintain it. The success of building and maintaining the colony depends on economics. The player should strive to maintain a well-adjusted economy so as to ensure their survival and success. As the game progresses, the rival colonies controlled by the computer also gain strength and expand. The goal is to surpass them in terms of supplies and utilization.

Anno 1701 features five social stages. These are Aristocrat, Merchant, Citizen, Settler, and Pioneer. When the game begins, all of the citizens controlled by the player are pioneers. Taxes paid are at a minimum and supplies needed are only a town center and food. However, to ensure the growth and success of the colony, the citizens must upgrade to at least a Merchant so as to generate more profit for the colony. Upgrading is through availability of more provisions like lamp oil, tobacco products, or perfume, among others. These can be acquired by trading with foreign cultures or other opponents under the Queen.  Foreign cultures include the Aztecs, Asians, and the Indians. The game is more focused in economics and trade, rather than war tactics.