12Voip (Freeware)

Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP, is a technology that enables users to make phone calls using the Internet.  Dellmont Software has developed a VoIP application, 12VoIP, which lets individuals make calls to family, friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, and business associates anywhere around the globe conveniently with the use of their PCs.

12VoIP is easy to download, install, and use.  First-time users will initially be asked to choose a username and password after which they can proceed with making their first phone call.  All it takes to contact other 12VoIP users is to enter their usernames on the box and click dial; and to contact a regular phone, they can simply enter 00 + country code + area code + phone number.  Alternatively, if they have already saved names on the program’s contacts list, they can opt to simply double-click on the name of the person they wish to call.  The list gives an indication on whether the other party is online or not.

The application has many features that makes it convenient to use.  This includes the option to use a Dial Pad interface, which displays the image and functions like a phone’s number pad.  It also has the capability to send SMS.  Moreover, with its built-in bandwidth tester, users can make sure of the quality of the connection before they make a call.