1&1 EasyLogin

1&1 Internet AG (Bundled)

1&1 EasyLogin is a program that serves as the gateway to all installed 1&1 products. It is used for bypassing the logging in process via the 1&1 Control Panel. The program only requires the user to input the access data once. Then, the user can access all 1&1 products straight from the 1&1 EasyLogin software. There is no user interface for the program. It runs straight from the computer’s system tray.

The program can be used for managing and setting up direct access to multiple 1&1 accounts including 1&1 Control Panel, 1&1 WebMail, 1&1 MailXchange, Microsoft Exchange, 1&1 eShop, and 1&1 SMS Manager. The Manage Account option allows users to open, add, edit, delete, synchronize, and sort the available 1&1 products. Aside from this, it can also be used to launch and configure other applications such as Dynamic Site Creator.

1&1 EasyLogin comes bundled with the 1&1 Control Panel and 1&1 Webmail. 1&1 Control Panel serves as the command center for all 1&1 products. This is where users create email addresses, as well as order domains. The 1&1 WebMail is the program’s Internet mailbox for all 1&1 emails allowing users to send, receive, and manage emails. The program also features bookmarks allowing users to link various Internet addresses for easy access.