101N PC Link Tool

101N (Shareware)

101N PC Link Tool is a utility that enables user to access 101N date from a PC. This utility gives the user the opportunity to view the phone book and make modifications (editing function). 101N bookmarks and photos may be viewed and edited as well. This application can be used at home if there is an available wireless connection. If there is wireless connectivity, users can manage data (contacts, images) taken using 101N without the need for a cable to connect the computer and the 101N.

101N PC Link Tool may also be used to transfer files from an SD card to a PC 101N and vice-versa. This utility is also useful in creating back up PC 101N data. This program is very easy to use. The 101N PC Link Tool function will automatically connect and disconnect if the PC is part of a wireless home network.

For those who do not have a wireless environment at home, they can utilize a USB connection which requires program installation. 101N PC Link Tool is compatible with systems that utilize the following operating systems: Windows Vista 32bit SP1 (or higher version), Windows 7 32bit version or 64bit version, and Windows XP 32bit SP3 (or higher version).