101 Dino Pets

Selectsoft Publishing (Proprietary)

101 Dino Pets is a 3D game in which players get to adopt and take care of adorable dinosaurs. Players can play with, groom, dress up, and pamper their dinosaurs, and teach these to fly, run, jump, dance, and other skills. Dinosaurs can be trained by rewarding them after successfully performing a trick. Players can enter their dino pets in pet show competitions to earn money to buy upgrades with, such as food, clothes, accessories, toys, and dino furniture. Being in a 3D environment, players can rotate the camera angle of each scene, zoom in, zoom out, and even tilt the viewing angle so they can watch their pet dinosaurs as closely as they want.

There are different environments in the game where dino pets can go to, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and backyard. Players can select from different kinds of dinosaurs, including Nanotyrannus, Deinodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Alioramus, Tarbosaurus, and Gorgosaurus, among others. Players can name their dino pets, customize their appearance, and can make up to ten pet profiles. As players take care of the pets and achieve skills, they will be able to unlock more items such as toys and upgrades. The dino’s status level is displayed on the screen so players can easily see when their dino pet is sick, hungry, or tired and do the appropriate action, such as feed, nap, and so on.