100% Free Chess

DreamQuest(tm) Software (Freeware)

100% Free Chess is a program that not only enables users to play chess but learn techniques and different strategies as well. This application has a user-friendly interface and is suitable for players of all skill levels. First-time users can read the Help file to guide them on the basic commands and features of the program, as well as the rules of chess. Players can create their own profiles and customize the appearance of the chess board and its pieces, as well as the background color scheme.

This application provides players with different types of chess games, including Speed where players are given five minutes to win; Untimed where players can focus on strategy; and Progressive where players can make more moves. Players can choose from several opponents, shown with illustrated images and skill levels. These opponents, all artificial intelligence, have varying skills that are designed to suit the player’s own skill.

Playing a game in 100% Free Chess is easy—players can simply click and drag a chosen piece onto another square on the chessboard highlighted by the program. The highlighted guide shows all the possible moves by a particular chess piece. Players can also consult the program’s coaching feature, which provides strategic guidance. The program also comes with a Hint button that gives advice on what can be the player’s next move.