2nd Story Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

10-Key is a calculator application than can replace the Windows calculator. It was developed especially for professional accountants that need tools for advanced calculations. The application can be used for preparing income tax returns, balancing books, and checking finances.

Here are the other features of the 10-Key program:

• Print Support – The program supports printing of calculations in columns, allowing users to keep a record of calculations using standard printing paper instead of long strips of paper for the calculator.
• Standard Calculator Layout – 10-Key makes use of the standard positioning of buttons on a calculator, so users do not need to familiarize themselves with a new layout.
• Handy – The program takes the place of bulky calculators, allowing users to have a professional calculator right inside the laptop.
• Save Calculations – Users are able to save calculations that are often used. This allows users to just use the saved file instead of re-typing the formula over and over again.
• Easy to Use – The application works just like a standard calculator, eliminating the need to re-learn its use.

The 10-Key program also supports rounding down and up and offers users the ability to display numerals or decimal places. The printing of calculations can also be enabled or disabled based on the user’s preference.