10 Finger BreakOut Application 6.3

Giletech e.K. (Freeware)

10 Finger BreakOut is a typing arcade game where users can practice their typing skills. The game screen has a virtual keyboard that is located on the lower portion of the window. The upper portion shows different colored bars in a pile. A ball will be bouncing on the bar at the bottom of the screen and hitting the colored bars located on the top portion of the screen in order to eliminate them. The game follows the classic game of BreakOut, but instead of moving the bar at the bottom of the screen, players must type the letters on the bar in order to eliminate all the colored bars.

The right panel on the main window shows the number of lives, which are represented by crowns. The highest score, as well as the current score of the player is also displayed. Players can choose the level of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Players can also change the keyboard skin by choosing one of the options available from the menu. Features of the application include:

• Players can improve their typing techniques by playing a game
• Support for different difficulty levels to accommodate beginners as well as advanced users
• Comes with comprehensive help file