1 Penguin 100 Cases

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

1 Penguin 100 Cases is a hidden object and puzzle game featuring a penguin named Pengoo. Pengoo seems to be the unluckiest penguin in the world because for one thing, he was not able to hatch on time; and another, when he does hatch he finds himself in a fishing net in New Zealand, half a world away from his penguin family. However, Pengoo is determined to find his family no matter how long it takes or how difficult the journey is. Players help Pengoo on his mission to make his way home to his family by looking for different objects in various locations and solving a number of challenging puzzles and mini-games.

1 Penguin 100 Cases is designed with young children in mind, guided by their parents or older siblings. There are over 90 levels in the game in which players have to locate specified items in each scene. The mini-games include avoiding sharks in the sea, or gulping down as many fish as possible within a set time limit. Along the way, Pengoo will get to meet interesting characters, who soon become his friends and help him make it home. The game also provides players with interesting facts about undersea creatures. A Goal button at the bottom right corner of the game window reminds players of what they need to do in every level.