1. Hollywood Monsters

Pendulo Studios (Proprietary)

Hollywood Monsters is an action adventure video game developed by Pendulo Studios and published by Dinamic Multimedia. The main characters are two journalists named Ron Ashman and Sue Bergman who have a strong dislike of each other. They both work for a LA-based newspaper called “The Quill”, which is due to cover the biggest event in town – a “Monster’s Ball” that is going to be held at popular film producer Otto Hanover. The affair is going to be attended by various Hollywood film monsters, and the newspaper’s editor wishes to send their best journalist to cover it. Ron and Sue both insist that they are the most capable reporter and that they should be chosen to go to the event.

Things go awry when Sue heads off to the party, but finds herself abducted by unknown people. The adventure starts when Ron goes to the mansion to rescue Sue and encounters multiple obstacles and traps. The player must control Ron’s character and make sure that he does not fall into the traps, gets past the teleportation booths, and goes through the obstacles unharmed. Several puzzles appear at random moments that require to be solved in order for the player to progress in the game.