#1 DVD Ripper 8.1.1

Apollo Multimedia (Proprietary)

Apollo Multimedia’s #1 DVD Ripper is an application that easily rips DVDs, and converts them into the format of the user’s choice.  Ripping, or the process of extracting audio and video data from a DVD or CD and copying them to the hard disc of a computer, not only protects the original DVD copy from scratches or damage due to constant use, it also lets users enjoy their favorite movies from their PCs, laptops, tablets, or other devices.

The software can convert DVDs to MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX, WMV, AVI, or SviD.  While the process is ongoing, users can monitor which part of the movie is being ripped using its playback feature.  The program can convert either the whole movie or parts of it, and save each chapter as an individual file.  Moreover, users can indicate the size of the output they want, and the program will automatically split the file based on the users’ specifications.  

Moreover, #1 DVD Ripper allows users to have more control over the output, with options to include or remove audio tracks and subtitles, and it promises to produce excellent output.  

It is easy to use, with a user-friendly control panel, automatic selection of the main movie, and an option to automatically shutdown of the computer upon completion of the ripping process.